Paul Beaudry, the man behind autOaudiO, can often be caught bouncing around the Seattle metropolitan area to complete silence in his auto, but complete music in his head. Composing in an array of electronic genres, Paul’s work includes elements of ambient, down-tempo, experimental, found-sound, glitchadelic, IDM, and noise. Please take some time to listen to his 11 releases by clicking on the link below.

Listen to autOaudiO here: autoaudiomedia.bandcamp.com

Listen to Guns Guns(produced by autOaudiO): gunsguns.bandcamp.com

Listen to my studio work: soundtrackunlimited.bandcamp.com

Just finished up a video game conference called Ludum Dare. It’s a challenge were an individual, team or individuals that form a team, create a video game in 3 to 4 days. Go to the website to learn more about it: ludumdare.com/compo/

I composed the music and did the sound design for the game we submitted. Our team went by Project Virtue and the game is “Vice Grip” check it out here: VICE GRIP

Game play requires Firefox or Explorer and the Unity plugin.

Here is the rest of the team:
Clinton Reddie : Game Concept/ Project Lead – Unity Coding – Level Design

Matthew Griebner : Pixel Art – Tileset – Character – Boss – Animation

Larry James : Wulf Design Studios
General lackey – Level consultant & prototyping – Tiled2Unity Workflow

Keenoy Art : Concept Art – Background Art – Character Concept – Boss Concept – Art Assets

I recently released an ambient album, “Songs for You to Paint to”.
Check it out here: Songs for You to Paint to

I just completed a project with song-smith Martin Ballew.  We are named Gunsguns and the album is called Kiss Kiss. It is a showdown between acoustic and electronic styles.  The high caliber tracks sparkle with introspective lyrics, jangly guitars, poppin synths, barreling bass lines, bangin beats, and exhilarating auxiliaries.  This is one duel where I look forward to the outcome. The tune Polygun has a video in the works by Javier Caceres (known for the “Shorewood Lip Dub” video that has reached 2,180,429 hits on Youtube.)

You can listen to what we made at: gunsguns.bandcamp.com

2012: I composed and produced music for Manifold Motion, a performance group which interweaves dance, interactive technology, visual art, and music to create original, experimental, evening-length productions.  Compos Mentis delves into the human mind, exploring the daily behaviors, science and extreme ritual we turn to in our drive to understand and contend with existence.  Each track was titled and conceptualized by Keely Isaak Meehan, and then I came up with the songs to match those ideas. The music can be heard on bandcamp, autoaudiomedia.bandcamp.com/album/compos-mentis or on the music page.

4Culture On-Site Review
“It is a tricky thing to work from a highly-conceptual place such as that outlined in the company’s program notes, and to bring those concepts down to a place where they can be concretely felt and seen. But that is what Manifold Motion has accomplished with Compos Mentis, and masterfully so. For me, this company is well beyond just great or skillful dancers, though they are that as well. Most notably, their conceptual brilliance, mind-boggling creativity, and choreographic fearlessness left me shuddering and pondering for days afterwards.”– Amontaine Woods,

2011: Two songs and two remixes of mine can be found on the Peloton Musique release of Manifold Motions hit production Under – PEL004.  The original score was an active collaboration between composer and dancer across a broad range of character themes inspired by the under world.  The first five songs represent the score, comprised of eerie tracks composed by autOaudiO, Phaedrus, and Crown Hill Repeater.  Then each artist re-imagined each others tracks with sexy remixes, completing a full length release. peloton-musique.org/releases/under.html

” With its shapeshifting electronic score, hallucinatory staging/lighting and its performers’ fierce commitment, [Under is] an entrancing excursion into shadowy realms of the mind.” — Seattle Times