I play various instruments in various bands:

Caleb and Walter : Vocal, Mandolin, Singing Saw, Harmonica, Toy Piano

Double or Muffin : Electric Guitar, Electric Mandolin, Pedals, Sax

Guns Guns : Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Mandolin, Programming

Half Acre Day : Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal, Mandolin, Flute

The Sunset Grooves : Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals, Percussion, Mandolin, Sax

The Whiskey Club : Bass, Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Mandolin

Valu-Pak : Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Looper, Sax, Vocal

The Foghorns : Choir, Mandolin, Percussion

Virgin of the Birds : Keyboards, backing vocals

Singer-songwriter Showcase : Mandolin, Piano, Saw